Safe Mode is a mode where the OS goes into diagnostic stages that are useful for finding errors or the causes of the errors. When logged into Safe Mode, the PC can only be accessed with some restrictions. It goes the same with Windows 10. There are particular ways on how to get into safe mode in Windows 10.

How to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the Windows will not activate the hardware like Windows 7 does when booting. So you cannot press F8 to enter safe mode. However, you can still apply these methods below to enter safe mode in Windows 10.
Through msconfig
windows 10 save mode using msconfig
Press Windows+R to open Run, type msconfig in the search bar in the Taskbar and tap OK to open System Configuration sttings. Select Boot tab and then check the Safe Mode option. Make sure you select the Minimal option. Then, press Apply and there will be a question whether you want to restart or not for the new windows 10 setting take effect. Choose “Exit without restart” If you still have work to continue, or restart now, and your computer will automatically boot into Safe Mode without you pressing F8.

Using Advanced Startup
Go to Settings and then click Update & security then click Recovery. In the Advanced Startup section, click the Restart Now button to restart your PC. When the restart process is running, there will be options which one of them is Troubleshoot. Click the Troubleshoot option and then click the Advanced options.
In Advanced Options section, click Startup settings. When you are in the Startup Settings screen, click the Restart button to restart your PC. When it is restarting, you will see the Safe mode options. Here you need to press number 4 or F4 button to enter the Safe mode.
Use the combination of “Shift + Restart”
Enter Save Mode Windows 10 Using Shift + Restart Combination
From Start menu tap on the Power button. And Then Press shift Key and tap on Restart.
Shift + Restart To enter Save Mode Windows 10
Then, Windows 10 will reboots & asks you to choose an option. Select Troubleshoot.
Choose TroubleShoot To Enter Safe Mode For Windows 10
On the Troubleshoot Screen , you can choose Advance Option
TroubleShoot Safe Mode Windows 10
And then Select Startup Settings
Startup Setting Safe Mode Windows 10
On the startup Setting Choose Enable Safe Mode and then Press Restart
Enable Safe Mode Windows 10
After Windows 10 reboots, Windows 10 says that you can choose which boot options you want .
Safe Mode Option Windows 10
• How to exit the Safe Mode
In the safe mode, use the Windows + R shortcut to activate the Run window, and then type msconfig. Remove the check mark from Safe Mode and restart your PC.
Those are the ways on how to enter safe mode in Windows 10 and how to exit the mode. Safe Mode is very useful for you who find errors in your Windows.