Download And Install iTunes For Windows 10iTunes is one of the best tool created by Apple that allow iOS users to manage their Apple product devices. Using it, you can upload documents , sync data, Backup & Restore or reset your Apple Gadgets. Now iTunes available on Mac computers, but if you are windows users you can download and install iTunes externally. iTunes for Windows 10 is available and you can download and install for Windows and Mac operating system for free.

Just download the installation file, and install as usual on your Windows PC. Here’s the step you should do:

– Open from your browser.
– Click the Download iTunes button in the top-right iTunes web.
– Click the Download Now button.
– When finished downloading the installer, just launch it and follow further installation instructions.

If itunes already installed on your windows 10 PC and will update to the latest version. Go to To Apple software update tool and check Apple Update. Select Tool and then download. This will download new iTunes update and the update is stored at Users > (PC User) > AppData > Local > Apple > Apple Software Update.

That is it, now you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your personal computer. iTunes is free to download and install, its Works with Windows and Mac Computer. You can manage iPhone and iPad with iTunes easily. Just Connect your iPhone or iPad to Windows Computer and start syncing your data.

Now, a native version of iTunes can download directly from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft 1st announced plans to distribute iTunes through its first-party online storefront last May, 2017, saying Apple was working to market the software by the end of last year.