Windows users often face some problems while using the OS. It may because of lack of knowledge about the OS or because of some errors occurrences. It goes the same with Windows 10. Then, what do you have to do when facing such problems while using Windows 10? Rest assured because this article will give you some options. Here are 4 ways on how to get help in Windows 10

4 Ways on How to get Help in Windows 10

  • Press the F1 Button
    For some programs, pressing F1 means to get help. It is applicable to the older version of Windows. By pressing the button, a “help and support” window will pop out. However, in Windows 10, pressing the button will launch a Bing search on the default browser. It will automatically search for “get help in Windows 10” and will help you to find the solution.
  •  Ask Cortana
    Ask Cortana Windows 10 to get helpCortana is digital assistant provided by Windows 10. It is very helpful that it even knows some keyboard shortcuts like for copy and paste. Of course, it is also able to help you to solve the problems. All you need to do is to activate the microphone in the menu bar and ask the digital assistant.
  • Find Help through Microsoft Support
    Get Help Windows 10 with Microsoft Support
    To apply this method, you can use the app that is already installed in the OS. You can find it on the Start button and click the Contact Support or you can look for the Get Help option. In Microsoft Support, you can find the solution by asking or searching it with keywords. It will give you the documentation regarding the problems.
  • Calling or Chatting directly with Microsoft
    This is the further assistance that Microsoft provides the user if there’s no solution found in Contact Support and Get Help. By using this service you will be able to call or chat directly with the Microsoft. Even more, you can arrange a schedule for you to receive a call from Microsoft. If you are too shy to talk or you are more of a typing person, there is a live chat option.
    Those are 4 ways on how to get help in Windows 10. Very convenience isn’t it?